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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 9, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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january 2nd. visit today . hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's a new week. how about some new videos, "right this minute." it's a chilling scene of a man holding a knife and an eight-year-old girl as his hostage. >> what happens when he tries to make his escape. a race car starts to roll and then -- >> picks up all this crazy speed. >> see the driver who survived the spin cycle. >> got that. that's what you want. >> season three of discovery's
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hit, "moonshiners" has one of the boys going from illegal to legal moonshining. now, tim and tickle talk about the tough transition with one big difference. >> taxes, taxes some fans get way more than they bargained for at the ticket window. meet an rtm viewer that scored big in our flat-screen tv giveaway but let someone else claim it. >> it is my son's 16th birthday so he wants the tv. a very tense situation in how muchman city, vietnam. a lot of police officers gather around the building inside. they are dealing with a hostage situation. the negotiations have been going on for hours with police and the man inside. the negotiations are not going well. at one point, the man inside gets all the officers to leave. you'll see why in this moment of the video. watch the staircase.
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the man only in briefs has a knife and an eight-year-old girl as his hostage. he is waving the knife around. you see him trying to escape the police by holding the knife and holding the knife at this girl's throat. at that moment, a cop sneaks up and hits his arm with the knife. other police officers attack the man to the ground and yank this 8-year-old girl to safety. >> he didn't manage to cut her? >> nope. she got away uninjured in this chaos thankfully. police able to get this guy in cuffs and they haul him off. from loose reports, we were able to translate, this man had some sort of dispute with his landlord. he went back to the apartment. that's where a fight broke out. he grabbed a knife from her apartment and ran across the hall. that's where he took this 8-year-old child hostage. he has a record of being arrested several times before.
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the almost heartbreaking part is this section of the video where the girl appears to be safe but just absolutely terrified and shaken up. practice session for the off-scene racing cars future race in sydney, australia. coming around the bend, that's brendan tucker. what is so impressive to me, he flips one that is kind of low and then just picks up all this crazy speed and ends up rolling the thing. watch it again. >> it is like slow motion at first and then it looks like someone hit fast forward. what this race is is a half-size replicas of classic cars. brendan, uninjured in this. you see the car come apart but you also see the driver's roll cage that's in there all intact. there is brendan being removed from the car uninjured. you also see he was safe in there. it was just like rolling around in a big cage. >> you can even see his helmet
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as the car is going around. you can see his helmet, his head going around in purple. >> all those parts falling off your unnecessary. that's just little body panels and everything inside is all the important stuff, the roll cage. he has come a long way. >> remarkable. >> look, he is probably screaming in there like whoo-hoo. >> whoo-hoo! >> i gotta couple of rescue videos. i know what you are going to say about this first one. you don't like raccoons. i love this one is getting rescued. >> this raccoon is looking for food stuck in a trash container. you can get in but it is not easy for them to climb out. there is his exit strategy. a very big wood beam somebody brought in. it didn't take him long to figure out, why don't i just cloim on out of here. >> we go from that to australia. this rescue attempt, far more
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serious. these pigs were rescued by edgar's mission farm sanctuary. they called it operation charlotte's web because three pigs were found wondering around somebody's property. they believe they escaped. it went from operation charlotte's web to mission impossible. because these pigs were not in the best shape. they had a limited amount of time. they were losing daylights. they are using the head lights to light the path to get these pigs inside of a truck. >> what was so desperate about the suaon? wash@t they were afraid they would succumb to. >> they believed they were being taken by people that weren't taking care of them. they went from rummaging around on somebody's property so tom really nice digs. on december 6th, the female had eight babies. >> those are flipping cute.
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>> these people are really doing a lot of work to help out these animals. >> once all else fails, if you are a marketing company, you can always remember, sex sells. >> it's true. >> this is the magnitog gorsk arena and this is the box office people come to buy tickets for the hockey game. not your typical sales rep. >> holy puck. >> on this day, the sales reps took their clothes off and tended to be quite scantily clad. >> if people are going to the ticket booth, they are already there to buy tickets, they don't need to be enticed to buy tickets or were they trying to sell season tickets. >> no, but they are trying to entice the people that are now watching this video about that arena, about that particular hockey team. >> so i might see this next time i go buy tickets. >> the men are mesmerized and
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loving it. >> you couldn't tell by their face. >> yeah, right. they look disappointed but they are not going anywhere. >> it seems like they might be alienating half of the fans. the women are, what? >> why not encourage women to come to the game and be excited about the game. >> why couldn't there be really sexy male sales reps too. >> and free hotdogs and nachos. >> sex doesn't sell. hotdogs and nachos do. >> hope they had heat in that office. everybody else is wearing jackets pulling backflips is his thing. this time around -- >> this kid nearly kills himself. >> no! >> how some quick thinking saved his neck. it is jingle bells belly style. >> it does sound pretty right on, right? >> see if these bowls full of
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jelly can carry the yule tide tune next. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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as you guys know and as many of our viewers know, last month, we were giving away flat screen tvs. lots of people want to know who won them. one of the winners is joining us, kathy smith, along with her husband, scott. they watched watch this mint on kmgh in denver, colorado!
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whoo! >> thank you guys so much. >> tell us how easy it was to enter and what you felt like when you won. >> it was really easy to won. we put in the buzz word and i felt i won on my son's 16th birthday so he wants the tv. >> so what are you going to do with the tv? are you guys into sports, movies? >> both. my husband watches the philadelphia flyers and my son wants to put it in his room for his video games. >> did you guys buy yourself a cake to celebrate? >> actually, i'm a cake artist. so i made you guys something special. >> oh! look at that. >> that looks awesome. that's so good. >> what's inside that thing? >> well, this one is actually going to be a chocolate cake with fudge. this was a dragon cake that i did. this one, i won an award on. >> wow, you are insanely talented. is this something you went to school for? >> i am an artist and i started
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out drawing and stuff like that. i wanted to do my wedding cake. so i decided to take a class and fell in love with it and i have been doing it ever since. >> are you the taste-tester? >> i had my own cake. all my cakes on there. i do a lotof 3-d cakes and wedding cakes andtuff like that. i make m own sugar flowers. >> those are sugar flowers? >> yep. >> crazy. how intricate. >> thank you so much for the tv. it is so awesome. i can't wait to get it. >> thank you for being one of our viewers. congratulations! when it comes to motorcycle stunt stunts, one of the original and best guys in the business, travis pestrano. >> he is naked doing that massive megabackflip off the hugest ramp. this is travis's house. this is all part of a new web series called pestranoland where
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all of his buddies gather and do some bonkers things like a mini-van and blowing things up. they practice these insane stunts here. it is interesting to see the extremes they go to because they know they are going to last in a nice, soft foam pit. >> i don't care how big the foam pit is, if you land with the motorcycle underneath you or on are arm, it is not going to f l great. >> episode 2, trevor tries to backflip something and whether he comes up to the megajump with the big air bag at the end, this kid nearly kills himself. >> he gets out of shape really quick. he notices that he is going toward a tree branch and has the presence of mind up in the air to kick off the branch and get himself closer to the landing pad. >> holy-molly.
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he does. his right foot. he barely makes it on to the corner of that pad. >> the video is out there to promote his tour, nitro circus live happening now across the country. the long and short about santa claus, long beard, rosy cheeks, bowl full of jelly. >> haven't seen the jelly used like this before. >> jingle bells on these two faux santa stomachs. >> they are hitting pretty hard. >> the red, the one on the left by his belly button. >> he has welts all over his belly. >> they practiced before they started. >> this wasn't the first take. but it does sound pretty right-on. they had to slap these santa's
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bodies in such a way where they figured out it was going to make the right sound here and a different sound here. that kind of takes some time and skill, i think. ♪ the baseball game and the mysterious sound. >> did you hear that? >> oh, my gosh, yeah. there is a whisper. >> hear it next right this minute. and, still to come, venus angelic is back. >> so you can look like an an troid like her. >> what you need to achieve the high-tech look. see how a trampoline jump goes from fun time to really bad fail. >> easy. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy,
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quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. season three of the hit show "moonshiners" is underway on discovery. this season, a very interesting development. >> if partnerships are the key to shining, then tim and steve are in trouble. >> tim smith, one of the most wanted moonshiners in the u.s., moonshining, not necessarily a legal business but this season, tim is making the transition, if you will, from illegal moonshining to legal moonshining. >> hey, tim. what are you stirring that with? >> i used a hose. see, it got them hose in it right there. >> use stainless steel. you have to use a paddle.
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>> that's what i always use? >> you can't anymore. you have to use government-approved stainless steel. >> while tim is learning the legal side, tickle has taken over tim's illegal side but to tell us about this season of the moonshiners, we have tim and tickle, via skype, "right this minute." welcome to the show, guys! [ applause ] >> tim, as the most wanted moonshiner in the country, what made you want to head over to the legal side of the business? >> well, that's pretty simple. my dad passed away. tas a big a do? i sai well, you know, there is a time and a place for everything. it is a time to go legal with this. we still do make real good moonshine and we still do it in virginia. this bottle, as you can see it, has an illegal product inside of it. it is based off of illegal recipe but now that it is
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trademarked and patented by the federal government on the outside, it is legal. the government makes money and i make money and everybody is happy. >> what's the biggest difference between illegal and legal moonshining? >> taxes. >> taxes. >> were you afraid the quality or the change would taste once you went legit? >> my taste has improved. we are consistent wechlt stay in one location. every batch is just about the same, which is what the federal government is looking for. >> so tickle that brings us to you? you have taken over his side of the illegal business? how is it that you are not getting arrested? >> well, they got to actually catch you in the process of doing it. through tv, they can't do nothing. they can't taste it. so they can't 100% prove anything. >> oh. so as far as they know, you are making water? >> that's right. we let them think that. >> if you want to watch season three of "moonshiners" it comes
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on on tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. on discovery. venus angelic is going from ball joints to dolls to android. she is wearing a suit but her makeup is of an android including the eyes. >> she has one big blue eye and one normal size brown eye? >> is that all makeup or is that digital effects afterwards? >> no, it is all makeup. that's what the video is about. the tutorial, so that you too can look like an android just like her. the very first step is you actually have to put this funky lens in your eye. it is a contact lens. once you have that, you have to prepare your skin. >> she yells at you with three different types of camouflage cream to create the base. >> when do you get to go out dressed as an android? >> all the time. >> i think it is kind of cool. i would like to show up to work as an android just to see. >> i hope you do. i really hope you do. >> once you set the makeup, you contour it a little bit if you
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want. then, you add the wig. here is the eye makeup. black eyeliner to line your eyes. >> you can't go without the eyelashes. put a little mass scare ra on and this one was kind of funky. she is using the eyelash glue to put on her lips and then she uses glitter. >> she didn't get a glittery lipstick. she is gluing glitter to her mouth? you can't get rid of glitter even if you don't have glue on it. >> i see you doing something with glue and peanut butter and jelly. >> we should hook those guys up? >> we totally should. it's go-pro video like you have never seen before. >> from inside the go-pro
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[woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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a secret around the office. that's why it looks like this. i am not the only one that suffered from this drop your phone syndrome. so what is this engineer in japan to figure out a solution. for this engineer, this would mean tests, calculations. he breaks a few more phones and drops the phones from a really high altitude at one point. eventually, he comes up with this device, the march phone case. >> you are definitely not going to keep that in your back pocket. >> look at what it does. >> there it goes. the phone is falling. look at what starts to happen. this case starts opening up and launches the air bags that are going to protect the phone from your impact, boom. >> phone air bags. >> i don't think i need to say this is all fiction. >> if honda tries to tell us that their cars will protect us like this man's case will protect a phone. >> that's exactly what they are trying to tell you. >> there is no end to the
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creativity of go-pro usage. theanywhere. here is something we haven't seen. go-pro footage, something we haven't seen before, from inside the go-pro offices. this is really cool, because the cameras are mounted on former major league soccer players, davis paul and demitrius afroid. they are saying hi to all their cubicle mates. a fun day at the office. >> they are giving us a tour and showing off some of their dribbling skills. >> up and down the stairs dribblingle ball all over the place, through the doors. they go in the cafeteria. check out what people are eating. >> that's a nice cafeteria. >> a pretty cool place to work. i think the coolest part of the go-pro office in my opinion is this lobby area. they have got a race car and motorcycle. >> can we get that here, please?
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>> the boss wants to show us his trampoline skills. the dog is watching the first jump, successful. watch the second one. nice! >> dangling. >> oh, my gosh. that is the ugliest break you have seen in a couple weeks on this show. it was like he had a rubber leg and he is trying to hold it together. eventually, somebody did throw him some assistance. i don't know how they expected him to get up and get it. his leg broke in four places leaving him with a compound fracture and now a titanium rod in his leg. he said he is sorry for whoever watches this. stuff happens and he wants kids to be safe when they try stuff like this. >> i don't want to see it again. i don't want to see it again. >> this stunt didn't go well either. this guy has made a homemade bazooka and put a fire rocket in it and watch what happens. >> the rocket comes out of the tube that he is throwing and it
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blows up. >> he chickened out. that could have been a cool stunt. >> they do it right. >> i think it is just that it buys his ear and i think he didn't think it was going to shoot out. instead, it exploded while it was sitting on his shoulder. >> i am wondering if this thing got hot. he has gloves and stuff on. it is a homemade bazooka. something you might want to avoid. >> probably. >> that's it for rtm. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. the best videos from the web are on their way right this mint. ♪ a cyclist says he is sick and tired of -- >> being attacked by the people in his town. >> see why it is sheer terror every time he hits the road. a novice sky diver doesn't realize things are going terribly wrong. >> probably better for him that he didn't know. >> why he nearly fainted when he saw this video late


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